Biodiversity protection

      Recently there are 174 taxons of preserved plants occurring in the territory of the National Park Low Tatras, 138 out of them belong to vascular plants /tracheophytes/, 7 belong to nonvascular plans /bryophytes/, 9 to lichens and 20 to fungi. The occurrence of the preserved limba - Pinus cembra - is rare, it has been planted.

      The diagram of taxon occurrence

      The Red List of sorus plants and spermatophytic plans of Slovakia includes 221 taxons growing in the National Park Low Tatras. 11 of them are ranked to the category of critically endangered /the category of the Czech Republic according to IUCN/, 45 /including planted feather grass/ are classified as endangered /category EN/, 99 /including planted limba, adonis vernalis and and dictamus albus/ are classified as vulnerable /category VU/, 65 are potentially vulnerable /category LRnt/ and there is no sufficient information on 1 species to categorize it /category DD/.
      13 species of European significance are found on the territory of the National Park Low Tatras, 8 of which belong to higher plants and 5 to bryophytes.

      The diagram of taxons according to the categories of endanger




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