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      The first attempts to complex protection of the Low Tatras territory were recorded in 1918-1921 and also after 1945. The proposal for establishment of the National Park Low Tatras reached its recent form in 1963 with the proposal of practical solution on nature protection named the Central Slovakia National Park. From 1965 to 1966, just before the design of the last proposal, the National Park Ďumbier draft was proposed whose aim was to include the north and south part of the central part of the Low Tatras. The proposal was reformulated from 1967 to 1968 in order to reach the establishment of the national park on the 25th Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising. 10 years were needed to overcome various obstacles till the Regulation of the Slovak Socialistic Republic No 119/1978 proclaimed the National Park Low Tatras with the area of 81,095 ha and its protection zone with the area 123,990 ha. In the same year the Ministry of Culture of the SSR published the Status of the National Park within the Regulation No 120/1978 of the Legal Code, which sets the conditions for the protection of particular areas of interest.

      In 1997, after almost 20 years long existence of the National Park, the borders of the park itself and also the protection zones of NAPANT were revised by the Regulation of the SR Government No 182/1997 from 17th June 1997. Up to nowadays the national park territory itself is 72,842 ha, which is less in 8,253 ha compared to its original area; and the protection zones have 110,162 ha of area, which is less in 13,828 ha.

      The most precious natural parts that have been protected against the most visible affects of a man and form the societies of original plant and animal species are ecological skeleton of our country. Their complex protection is ensured in the categories of small area protected territories. Nowadays the territory of NAPANT and its protection zones contain 10 national natural reserves, 13 natural reserves, 4 protected areas, 5 national natural sights and 4 natural sights with the whole area 10,138.03 he, which is almost 6% of the NAPANT territory /see the chart/. Administratively the territory of NAPANT including the protection zones belongs to the 88 cadastral territories of settlements and to 5 districts /Banská Bystrica, Brezno, Poprad, Liptovský Mikuláš, Ružomberok/.

      The state owns 61.90% of the NAPANT territory and the rest /38.10%/ comes to the ownership of settlements, villages, religions as well as physical bodies.

      Judging priorities of the nature protection of particular territories it seems to be necessary to know mutual links among eco-systems in an evaluated region, the links between social and economic reproduction of the society and biological reproduction of the nature. The natural reproduction ability is conditioned by much more sensitive effects and it is important to respect them. Its distraction might lead to reproduction failures of individuals, species, and the whole eco-systems much sooner than we can see the consequences on the health of people or the human society itself.


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