FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Information for the visitors of the National Park Low Tatras is provided by the outlets of NAPANT headquarters in Banská Bystrica, Liptovský Hrádok and Brezno. Recently there are no other information centres due to the cancellation from the existing rooms.
    The other sources of information on tourist sites or other places remarkable from natural, historical, technical or artistic point of view are published in recommended web pages.
    The information on territories within the net of protected landscape areas of NATURA 2000      are available upon the request on "green" e-mail and on the telephone number 00421-48-4130888.

        Visiting rules

       Is it allowed to enter the national park with a dog?
    Yes, it is, but the dog has to be kept on the lead and wear a muzzle. The same restrictions are valid for a dog as well as for a hiker /prohibition of movement out of signed tracks, seasonal closure .../

      Where is it allowed to stay over night during a several day lasting ridge traverse in the Low Tatras?
    On the ridge of the Low Tatras there are 9 places assigned for one-off stay /building a tent/:
    • saddle Predné sedlo (blue TZT 2610); [map][GPS]
    • saddle Andrejcová at the shelter hut (red TZT 0801); [map][GPS][img]
    • saddle Priehyba (red TZT 0801); [map][GPS]
    • saddle Ramža at the shelter hut (red TZT 0801); [map][GPS][img]
    • saddle Čertovica below the Mountain Rescue Service (Horska zachranna sluzba) building or behind the Čertovica Restaurant building); [map][GPS]
    • Ďurková at the mountain shelter (blue TZT 2639, green TZT 5609); [map][GPS]
    • Magurka settlement at the shelter hut on Panská Lúka; [map][GPS]
    • saddle Hiadeľské sedlo (red TZT 0801); [map][GPS]
    Apart from that, it is possible to use the accommodation services in Čertovica, Chalet of M.R.Štefánik below Ďumbier [GPS] and Chalet Kamenná on Chopok [GPS].
    Turist maps, including GPS coordinates are linking in cooperation with HIKING.sk

      Are some tracks seasonally closed?
    A seasonal closure refers to visiting rules. From 1st October to 30th June the following tracks are closed:
    - 8447 yellow - Črmné - Kotliská; in the direction Žiar - Kotliská [map]
    - 8619 yellow - Poľana - Bôr - Sinná - Ostredok - Jasná - Poľana; in the direction Poľana - ridge Sinná [map]
    - 8620 yellow - Pavčina Lehota (ATC Bystrina) - Krakova hoľa - Krúpova hoľa - Demänovské saddleback; in the direction Demänovské ridge - ridge Javorie - Krupovské ridge [map]
    During the season without snow a track TZT 0801 red in the direction Chalet of M. R. Štefánik - Ďumbier. Hiking is allowed only by the winter rod guiding during the time of coherent snow cover 15 cm thick at least. [map]
    In a hiking tracks survey you can find seasonally closed tracks signed with a symbol.  

    On every track crossing the territory of the national park /apart from the parts crossing lined with buildings or a state road/ the movement is limited between "an hour before a sun rise and an hour before a sun set". It is important to realize the time between a sun rise is the time with the highest activity of wild animals. It is in the interest of their peace as well as of safety to respect the limit.
    In a hiking tracks survey the time limits are signed with a symbol.  

      Where is it allowed to go alpine skiing, mountaineering, climbing, and paragliding or to ride a bike?
    Conditions for doing above mentioned activities are described in visiting rules of the National Park. The NAPANT Headquarters designated a sufficient number of localities in the National Park territory and its protection zone which enable visitors to do many kinds of sport and relax. Potential limits /time or territorial/ are important due to protection of particular fauna and flora species, not to break soil cover etc. Thank you for respecting them.
    Detailed information is available on a sub-web-page "Visiting rules".

        Recent situation

      What is the situation of track clearness and marking tracks like?
    The web page still informs about obstruction of ridges and some other tracks after the calamity in November 2004. Despite this, the disposal of calamity consequences lasted long and some parts were affected by displaced trees, all tracks are clear and signed now.
    We recommend to look at web pages of hiking, outdoor activities and safety in the mountains, for example HIKING.sk, HORY.sk, Horská služba, Horská záchranná služba etc.
    If you would like to inform us about your personal experience with the state of tracks, use our e-mail address.

      Some tracks are overgrown, eroded and marking is illegible or damaged. Who should we refer to?
    Marking hiking tracks lies in the competence of the Club of Slovak Tourists. The Rescue Ranger Service is in charge of some tracks in a ridge section. Bad state of tracks and their overgrowing by dwarf pine is a problem issuing from not clear competences for their maintenance. The headquarters of the National Park improves the worst sections above their duties with a help of grants and the work of volunteers.

      Where shall I get the information on actual weather and the state of snow on a ridge?
    We recommend the following web pages:
    HORY (weather and other actual information on the situation in the mountains)
    SHMU (weather including satellite photos)
    METEO (weather forecast including satellite photos)
    KAMIENKA (Kamenná chata Chopok, webcam, actual weather)
    LAVÍNY (portal of Rescue Range Service devoted to avalanche situation)
    YETI (ski and recreation resorts in Slovakia - choice of localities)

    Sorry, many of web pages are only in slovak language.


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