Dear visitors,

      On 1st January 2005 a new actual regulation on visiting rules of the National Park and its preserved territory came into force, within which we would like to specify some rules of behaviour for all visitors /tourists, sportsmen.. / in the territory of NAPANT. The rules issue from the Act 543/2002 the Legal Code on nature protection and landscape specifying activities conditioned by the authority of nature protection or activities prohibited in the territory. The full text of the regulation and relevant reforms are published in the subpage "legislation".
      We would like to ask you to respect terrain signs as well as measures of NAPANT´s employees, the members of nature patrols and other authorities of nature protection. You will contribute to the preservation of natural beauties of the Low Tatras.

      One of the NAPANT headquarters' tasks is to clarify allowed or prohibited activities in particular parts of the territory. The terrain is marked /tourist guiding signs and the signs of the national park/ with the board of actual version of the substantial parts of the Regulation. Apart from it the National park headquarters places pictograms displaying prohibited activities in the terrain parts where the probability of activities and nature protection clash is high.

      We, in our outlets of the NAPANT headquarters in Banská Bystrica, Liptovský Hrádok and Brezno, will be glad to provide necessary information to the visitors of the National Park Low Tatras.
      Some additional information on tourist highlights, remarkable places from historical, natural, technical or artistic point of view is published in recommended web pages.


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