The Low Tatra National Park offers over 840 km of marked trails (TZT) and 15 educational paths for hiking tourism.

          Guiding principles for hiking in the National Park:
          • on the territory of the National Park the visitors are only allowed to move on the marked hiking tracks and educational paths. Further, hiking is only possible during daytime, i.e. starting one hour after sunrise until one hour before sunset; this restriction does not apply to the vicinity of recreational complexes;
          • visitors are obliged to respect marked closures of trails and paths;
          • camping or bivouacking off the designated sites on the territory of the National Park is prohibited;
          • entering the park with or parking any vehicles, three and four-wheeled ATVs, snowmobiles or horse-driven carriages is allowed only on public and local roads as well as on the designated areas in compliance with the effective legal regulations; entrance on the purpose-built roads and field roads, as well as driving off the public routes is forbidden;
          • picking plants, parts of them or fruits is forbidden within the National Park borders;
          • dropping litter and polluting the environment is forbidden;
          • setting fires is allowed only in the designated spots of recreational facilities and on designated camping sites;
          • on the territory of the National Park dogs must be kept on a leash and must wear a muzzle;
          • replacing natural materials, especially rocks, and piling up rock heaps in the National Park is forbidden;
          • on the territory of the national park and its protection zones visitors are obliged to avoid any unnecessary damage to plants and animals or damage and devastation of the environment.

          List of places for overnight stay (one night only) within the territory of the National Park
          • saddle Predné sedlo (blue TZT 2610); [GPS]
          • saddle Andrejcová at the shelter hut (red TZT 0801); [GPS][img]
          • saddle Priehyba (red TZT 0801); [GPS]
          • saddle Ramža at the shelter hut (red TZT 0801); [GPS][img]
          • saddle Čertovica below the Mountain Rescue Service (Horska zachranna sluzba) building or behind the Čertovica Restaurant building); [GPS]
          • Ďurková at the mountain shelter (blue TZT 2639, green TZT 5609); [GPS]
          • Magurka settlement at the shelter hut on Panská Lúka; [GPS]
          • saddle Hiadeľské sedlo (red TZT 0801); [GPS]
          Okrem toho je možné využiť služby niektorého z ubytovacích zariadení na Čertovici, Chaty M.R.Štefánika pod Ďumbierom [GPS] a Kamennej chaty na Chopku [GPS].
          Turist maps, including GPS coordinates are linking in cooperation with HIKING.sk

          Seasonal trail closures
          • Kotliská - Žiar: from 1st October to 30th June (yellow TZT 8447);
          • Poľana - saddle Sinná: from 1st October to 30th June (yellow TZT 8619);
          • saddle Demänovské sedlo - saddle Javorie - saddle Krupovské sedlo: from 1st October to 30th June (yellow TZT 8620);
          • M.R.Štefánika Chalet - Ďumbier (along the stake marking) - the trail is closed whenever the height of constant snow cover is below 15 cm minimum

          Inforamtion about trails condition
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