Visiting Rules of the National Park Low Tatras and its protective zone.

      When you are visiting the Low Tatra National Park (NAPANT) and its protection zone, please keep in mind that you are in an area full of invaluable natural treasures. In order to conserve this natural beauty, it is necessary that you adhere to generally binding regulations, which have been adopted for the protection of this unique mountain range. The principles of where and how visitors are allowed to move on the territory of the NAPANT and its protection zone are instituted in the Visitors’ Park Rules and Regulations.


      General rules

      - The territory of the National Park, its protective zone, natural reserves, national nature reserves, nature monuments, national nature monuments and protected sites is, along its boundary, signed by standard boards containing the state symbol of the Slovak Republic.
      - The territory of the National Park and its protective zone is accessible to the visitors for the purpose of cultural and educational use and particularly for the purpose of discovering the nature and education to its protection.
      - Visitors to the National Park and its protective zone are obliged to behave so as not to cause any damage to plants or animals as well as destroying or damaging their natural surroundings. Maintain a respectable noise level.
      - Visitors to the National Park are allowed to move only along the marked tourist trails, educational paths and only during the day from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset; this restriction does not apply to the surrounding of recreational areas. Do not shorten the paths and respect marked closures of paths and trails.
      - Paragliding, flights by gliders, sailing water-streams, climbing rocks in the National Park are allowed only in designated areas.
      - Cycling is allowed only along marked bicycle trails and along roads, which are designated tracks for entering bicycles. Please do not threat walking tourists during cycling and adapt the ride so you are not limiting cultivation of land.
      - Driving snow scooter, motor tricycle and quadricycle is prohibited.
      - Entering motor vehicles is possible only in accordance with valid legal regulations.
      - Collecting plants including their parts and fruits is, in the National park, prohibited.
      - On the territory of the National Park is allowed to lead dogs only with a guide stripe and a protective muzzle.
      - Polluting nature by waste is prohibited.
      - Making campfires is allowed only on the property of recreational subjects and cottages, as well as on provided campsites.
      - Moving natural substances, particularly stones and building stone slopes is, in the National Park, prohibited.
      - For downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, skialpinism and snowboarding please use designated areas.

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